Monday, July 20, 2015


Pretty much everyone has been adopted.

Master Tigress
Master Tigress and Shira were the first to get adopted. They were adopted by a lovely family with two teenage girls. Each girl got a kitten. The kittens' personalities matched the girls' personalities... until the kittens switched. Tigress was always the wild one while Shira was always the cuddly one. And then shortly after spay surgery, Tigress became the cuddly one and Shira became a rascal. Her favorite game was to leap on the back of my leg and hang on while I walked around the room. And chomp on my feet. Their new names are Lena (for Shira) and Cleo (for Tigress).

Billy the Kid
Next to be adopted was Billy the Kid (no surprise there) with Richard Parker. They were adopted by a couple who had been married just a few days. Their laps will never be cold and they will always feel loved. Both kittens are incredibly loving and crave attention. When Billy is feeling well, he can be quite the rascal. Richard Parker has two speeds - rascal and extreme cuddler. Billy's new name is Koopa and Richard Parker will be known as Yoshi. They're names from Super Mario.

Richard Parker
Billy went in to get neutered on July 13th along with 8 other kittens but was rejected because his lymph nodes were very swollen. He has been seen by three different vets now. We're hoping that this swelling is just lingering from Billy's horrible cold. He will continue his anti-viral and antibiotics for two more weeks. If you're watching in the evenings, you'll see me try to give him medicine. He cowers when I approach with syringes. It breaks my heart. He absolutely is fed up with all the medicine. And to top it off, he had ear mites when he came to me. They've since been eradicated but the debris lingers. You'll see me nightly cleaning his ears. He hates that more than medicine and will tear around the room after I clean his ears. The poor guy is going to be so happy to go to his forever home where no one will mess with him and they'll just love him.

Ragna was the next to get adopted. She's going home to a couple with a one year old little boy and two other cats. The little boy was absolutely amazing with the kittens, petting them so softly and nicely.

Duma landed the next adoption, paired with another Feline Rescue kitten named CiCi. For those of you diligently watching the camera, the extra kitten in the room for a few days was CiCi. Duma was not amused with the addition. She growled. The other kittens were fine with the newbie. CiCi was already spayed and recovered so she went home a week before Duma did.

Lucy is going home to a young college student with a young male cat. Lucy has been charming everyone who came to meet other kittens. She loves to ask for kisses and purrs away as soon as people enter the room.

Next on the list of adoptions was Belle Starr. The couple was debating between Belle and Winifred but Winifred was very standoffish while Belle was in their faces. They liked that Belle was a bit of a spitfire. Belle will be going home with the couple who has an adult male cat in desperate need of a playmate.

Belle Starr
Batman and Harper Row got adopted by a young teacher living alone. She will never be lonely as both Batman and Harper are purr machines. Batman is an attention hound, constantly demanding to be petted, held, and kissed. Their human fell in love with Harper after Harper fell asleep on her lap, purring away.

Winifred was the last of the posted kittens to be adopted. At first, I was sad because she was a black kitten - and black cats are the last to get adopted. But for Winifred, her color wasn't the biggest factor. Winifred is quite the independent kitten. While all the other kittens are climbing all over new people, Winifred is always off on the other side of the room, playing by herself. She's not very cuddly, although she does ask occasionally to be petted. Right after her spay surgery, she was demanding kisses. I was quite stunned. Winifred is going to a home with another young male cat who needs a playmate.

Annie and Clyde were posted last night (Sunday the 19th). I'm hoping to get them adopted by the end of the week. They both are incredibly loving and friendly and zany (Annie has the biggest personality I've seen), not to mention astoundingly cute. They should go quickly. Fingers crossed.

Annie Oakley
Most of the kittens were adopted prior to being spayed/neutered. We call this pre-adoption. Our kittens can't go home until they've had their surgery and been tested for FeLV/FIV. On Saturday, five kittens that were pre-adopted went to their forever homes - Shira, Tigress, Duma, Batman, and Harper Row. The foster room seemed so empty with only eight. The next day, Ragna went home and Winifred got adopted and went home the same day. Two more kittens gone. Six left in the room. I put out way too much food. It was a hard adjustment to go from 13 to 6 in 24 hours. Woo.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), the remaining kittens go to be spayed/neutered - Clyde, Annie, Lucy, and Belle. They all had to wait for Annie to reach 3 pounds. By Saturday, Lucy and Belle, and hopefully Annie and Clyde, will all go home. Richard Parker and Billy the Kid will be with me for a few more weeks, until Billy is well enough to go through his surgery. So there will only be two kittens in the room for awhile.

Clyde Barrow
On August 2nd, I am most likely getting 9 new kittens. They'll be about 10 weeks old at that time so they won't be with me for very long (at most a month, depending on health). They're coming from Iowa. No one is adopting kittens in Iowa, it seems, so a rescue is sending them up to us.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Superheroes Join the Furious 11

Harper Row
As some of you have noticed, there are two more added to the mix. These two were found in a blind woman's garage. Judging by how much growling and hissing these guys did the first couple of days, I'm pretty sure I know how she found them. Her adult son called Feline Rescue and that day, I picked them up.

Batman and Harper Row are brother and sister. They're about 10-11 weeks old. They were quite dirty when I got them. Harper had pebbles stuck to her fur. Batman has tar or asphalt on his feet. Their whites also weren't too white and they felt pretty gritty.

Upon arrival, the other kittens immediately introduced themselves. I love these guys. It doesn't matter who or what I put in their room. They're all very hospitable and accommodating. Unfortunately, Batman and Harper were a little overwhelmed with all the changes in their environment. They were not receptive to making new friends. The old crew didn't let it faze them and went on their merry way. I liken this scene of old kittens meeting the new kittens to Toy Story 3, where the toys first find themselves at the day care center and the old toys run towards them with the welcome "New toys!"

Batman and Harper were quite hissy and growly the first couple of days. They liked me and being petted but heaven help another kitten who approached them. And, oh boy, did a ruckus ensue when another kitten smashed into them while tearing about the room. Lucy did not take kindly to being yelled at by Harper. It's the tortie in her. We then had a screaming calico and a slappy tortie. It quickly died down. There was nothing really to be concerned about. It was funny with slightly scary undertones. Neither Harper nor Batman hid. They walked around the room growling and hissing. They would eat right next to another kitten without issue. They just did not want another kitten touching them.

Two days later, I rounded up everyone, including Ike from upstairs, for a photo shoot with KrisKreativ at Feline Rescue. The new kittens Batman and Harper Row had to endure a car ride with the other kittens. I drive a Mini Cooper and could only fit three carriers in the car. I couldn't segregate the new ones from the old ones. Due to the forced time together in the carrier, Batman and Harper finally got over being scared of the other kittens. They now play and snuggle with the others. Once at the photo studio, Ike was in heaven playing with all the kittens.

In other news, Clyde was removed from the room and placed in quarantine with his sister Annie. He is quite upset about his lack of space. Annie, on the other paw, is quite estatic about having  playmate. Clyde's cold is getting progressively worse and I can't have him infecting the other kittens. Since Annie, too, has a cold, it seemed best to combine the two sickies.

Billy the Kid is getting over his cold finally. He still has a runny nose and cough. But for the first time since arriving, he has been mixing it up with the other kittens and became Wrestling Champion of the Room in a matter of an hour (he successfully pinned pretty much every kitten in the room). Winifred, the ex-champion, was not pleased about being dethroned. Billy loves, loves, loves to be petted. He's not keen on sitting on my lap and can often be seen sitting right next to me.

A couple of the kittens were sneezing the other night so they've been getting an antibiotic. I want to nip this cold in the bud so that it doesn't spread to the others. You'll probably see me grab a couple of them to give them medicine.

So order has returned to the room. Batman and Harper have settled in quite nicely. All of the kittens love to play with everyone else, blurring litter lines. They do tend to have a favorite playmate but I love how they don't care whom they're playing with. Everybody mixes it up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Furious 11

Minneapolis Animal Control sent out an urgent message to rescue groups - they were close to full and would have to start euthanizing those in the feral ward and the sick ward. Since it's kitten season, most rescues are full with kittens. Animal controls are having to put down even kittens due to overcrowding.

I went to animal control and tagged as many kittens as were there, paying attention to the sick ones and feral ones. Often times, those who are deemed feral really aren't. They're scared and affected by people in uniform. They often suffer from kennel shock.

Little Old Lady - Lucy
Little Old Lady - Winifred
Little Old Lady - Ragna 
The first three I pulled were in the sick ward and had been there for 10 days. They were next on the euth list. Three sisters about 2 months old; two dilute torties and one black. I had three old ladies in my life who are no longer here. I named this bunch after those wonderful ladies - my grandmother Lucy, my other grandmother Winifred (Winnie, for short), and Ragna, my elderly neighbor that I took care of for years. She was the happiest and nicest person I've ever met. Never said an unkind word. Always positive about everything. Interestingly enough, the kitten Ragna would be well named as she is the happiest kitten, always purring and clamoring to be on my lap.

Outlaw - Clyde Barrow
Outlaw - Belle Starr
Outlaw - Annie Oakley
The next four were in feral. Three of them were on bite hold (which means they did bite someone), and one of those three did not look like she was going to get out of animal control because they thought she was too dangerous. They called her vicious. She's six weeks old and not even two pounds... but she's dangerous. Those three on bite hold were siblings; the fourth in feral was a lonely only, by himself. I named this group after outlaws (although my husband was quick to point out that one wasn't an outlaw, just a gunslinger). Billy the Kid is an orphan who is about 9-10 weeks old.
Billy the Kid - Crusty face
Outlaw - Billy the Kid
When I pulled him from animal control, he had the worst crusted over eyes/face I've seen in awhile. He was miserably sick and lethargic. I had to give him sub-Q fluids when he arrived and started him on antibiotics. The other three sibling ferals are Belle Starr, Clyde Barrow, and Annie Oakley. I took one look at Annie Oakley and knew something was wrong with her front leg. An X-Ray showed that the leg was broken and had been for quite some time as it was healing on its own now. She spent 11 days in animal control without anyone - even the vet - noticing that her leg was broken. No wonder she bit someone.

The final group is a litter of four who are 2 months old. They were neither sick nor feral. I figured if I had 7 already, I might as well have 11 total. What's four more, right? These guys are hysterical. They're friendly and cuddly to me but growl and hiss at everyone - including their own siblings. I have decided that this is just who they are. They're not mad. They're not scared. They just like to growl and hiss. I've named them after fictional wild cats. They are indeed the Wildcat bunch. Richard Parker (from the book Life of Pi) is the only boy of that litter. He is a tiger! He races around like a mad man and then jumps on my lap to cuddle... and then begins biting my legs HARD just because he's all wound up. Duma (a cheetah from the movie Duma) his sister sounds just like a cheetah. Holy cow! She growls and yowls all the time. Master Tigress (from Kung Fu Panda) is a tough little girl but it also very sweet. And finally, Shira (a saber tooth tiger from Ice Age) is, again, tough and sweet together.
Wildcat - Richard Parker
Wildcat - Shira
Wildcat - Duma

Wildcat - Master Tigress
So, we have three groups (from four litters) in one room - the Little Old Ladies, the Outlaws, and the Wildcats. All of them were at animal control for almost two weeks. They've done nothing but run since I brought them home. They were cooped up too long! For the most part, they're getting along. Billy the Kid is having a hard time mixing. He's the oldest - and by himself - and he has a lingering little cold. He's not feeling the greatest and I'm not quite certain he understands how to play and make friends yet. He's a bit awkward and I'm really having a hard time not giggling as I watch him approach the other kittens. The Little Old Ladies and the Outlaws seem to have found playmates within the other group. Richard Parker seems to have charmed the Little Old Ladies. The three female Wildcats need to settle down a bit before they bond. They've only known each other for a day so I suspect in a week they'll all be friends.

Annie Oakley enjoying cuddling
Unfortunately Annie Oakley, the kitten with the healing broken leg, is in confinement. She's not allowed to run on that leg. She's in another room, in a large kennel, bored to tears. She also has a horrible cold so I can't even put a sibling in with her to keep her company. She's sneezing, coughing, runny eyes, and snoring like a lumberjack (I actually thought it was one of my big cats making all that ruckus because it was so loud but it turns out, it was she). She's just plain miserable. She can't run. She's back in jail. And she has a nasty, nasty cold. She's so grateful for the few minutes a day she's allowed out of her kennel. She's an absolute sweetheart and purrs up a storm (amplified by her stuffed up nose). She'll see the vet again in a few days but it could be as much as three weeks before she's allowed to mix with the others. I am a little fearful how that re-introduction will go after she's been gone so long.

As a side note, in addition to these 11 kittens, I pulled one more - an older male black kitten. He is absolutely gorgeous and the sweetest thing in the world. He's so confident and loving. Nothing scares him, nothing fazes him. He loves to hug - he will actually stand up on his hind legs to hug you. He's so happy to be out. He was slated to be euthanized the day after I picked him up. And he knows it. And he's grateful. I look at him and think what a shame it would have been if he had been put down. He was brought in to be a playmate for another foster I have (upstairs). She's in desperate need of someone to play with. She doesn't quite like him yet and that's okay. All the other cats in the house adore him. He's Ike. My other foster is named Mica and we call her Mike for short. That makes this pair... Mike and Ike. Yup. I did it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Within the Feline Rescue organization, after kittens reach two months old AND weigh two pounds, they receive their first distemper shot. Since they have to weigh at least two pounds, sometimes it takes a few weeks past their 2nd month mark before they're eligible for their first vaccination. Within Pippa's litter, Piper, of all kittens, refused to gain much weight. She held steady at one pound, twelve ounces for more than a week and then, pretty much overnight, she hit a solid two pounds. Stinker.

All eight kittens received their first distemper shot last Saturday (May 2nd). They didn't do too poorly. Only Phineas howled. No one else made a peep. They then met Kris the photographer from KrisKreativ and had a photo shoot for their website postings. By the end of the day, three kittens were limping severely, a side effect of the distemper vaccination. I've never seen it happen so quickly. Peter was in so much pain that he was shaking. It was quite sad. They received pain medications in order to make sure they didn't succumb to pain and stop eating. Within an hour, they were fine and barely limping. 

They were all posted as available for pre-adoption on Sunday late morning. Pre-adoption? Since they haven't been spayed/neutered and tested for FeLV/FIV, they can't go home with their adopters. They can meet people who are interested in adopting them, though. It will be a few weeks before they can go home. Feline Rescue standards state that the kittens need to be three months, three pounds before they can be fixed. Piper is holding out again, stubbornly stuck at two pounds, four ounces. Since kittens gain about four ounces a week, it will be SEVERAL weeks before she's ready. The rest of the crew thank her for the delay. 

Within two hours of being posted, Phineas and Parrot had a call. I knew it would be those two to go first. They have a ton of personality. Two days later, everyone would have someone lined up to meet them. I am insisting that Norman and Peter go together and have paired up Pierce with Pickle, Pirate with Piper. Even Pippa has someone interested in her. Momma cats are usually the last to go. She may go with Pierce and Pickle. 

Pirate with Pickle in the background
If anyone was watching the camera last night, you saw Phineas and Parrot's adopters. I told Phineas t be on his best behavior and the stinker took that to mean sit perfectly still (on MY lap, I might add). Sigh. Phineas. I kept explaining to his people that Phineas is rarely still, that his behavior was unusual. They understood. They had been watching the camera for a few days so they've seen his zany side. 

Unfortunately, neither Pippa nor Pickle were anywhere to be seen. Sigh. Pippa has truly come out of her shell the past few weeks. She adores attention. I guess she's just learned to trust me. It's a start. Pickle is so mellow; her hiding shocked me. Even Norman and Peter eventually came out to play with the new people.

At this time, I think all of the website postings have been taken down. All of the kittens and Pippa have calls so there's no point in having them on the site. Hopefully everyone who is set to meet them actually falls in love with them. I would love for them to all get pre-adopted so that I don't have to worry about how long it will take to get them adopted. I always rest so much easier knowing they have homes (and that a new crew can be saved next).

Not So Evil

If you've been watching the camera all along, you may have noticed a change in some of the more shy kittens and Pippa the momma. It took well over a month before Pippa came out of hiding. I finally got to see how beautiful she is a few weeks ago. She's food motivated. She knows that I bring the food. She greets me at the door with a barrage of howls that sound very much like "Now!" I am then able to pet her. I haven't quite decided if she actually likes being petted (she rolls around and kneads her paws and purrs) or if she's simply putting up with it so that I will feed her. For quite awhile, once I put the plate of food down, she wouldn't let me touch her again. "Thanks but go away." Now, once she finishes eating, she actually awkwardly stands near me, not next to me, and howls until I get the idea that she wants to be petted again.

Norman and Peter are two momma's boys. Any time I would approach them, they'd run to their mother. I rarely got to touch them. To weigh them, I would have to sneak up on them while they were eating. Even then, they were on to me and would watch over their shoulder, only to dart away as I approached. I have several blank entries in the weigh log for Peter because I had a hard time catching him.

But being as stubborn as I am, I made a point of catching Norman. I would then hold on to him and pet him. He would betray himself and purr loudly when I rubbed his belly. He begrudgingly realized that he liked belly and tushy rubs and to get them, he had to interact with me. It started simply by not running away when I approached him. He then turned a corner and began approaching ME for belly rubs. Such a happy day. He actually will pace back and forth, impatiently waiting for me to finish petting another kitten or clean the litter box so that he can get his belly rubbed.

One day, Peter saw Norman rolling around on the floor, purring away as I petted his belly. He had never been that close to me before. He was actually asking to be petted, too! Turns out, he, too, loves belly rubs. After the trip to the clinic to get distemper shots and a photo session, Peter regressed for a few days and refused to let me touch him. He came around. I scooped up who I thought was Piper this morning and kissed her head and cheeks before looking across the room and spotting the real Piper. I was holding Peter! He let me pick him up!

All of Pippa's kittens love belly rubs. I love when I come into the room and they flop at my feet, exposing their bellies. It's quite the tripping hazard but it's an adorable tripping hazard.

All of the kittens have gotten over their fear of me. Piper climbs onto my lap. Even Norman has started climbing onto my lap. I think they'd do it more and more kittens would do it if they wouldn't get bitten by Phineas as soon as they get on my lap. Apparently it's his lap.

Anyway, the last holdouts (Norman, Peter, and Pippa) have decided that I'm not so evil afterall.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Although I just posted yesterday, I'm so excited by yesterday's progress that I just have to share.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, as soon as I open the door, Pippa hides behind the dresser. After a few minutes, she'll come out and sit under the couch. Yesterday, as I was sitting on the floor, she crawled out from under the couch and walked to the food bowl to eat. That bowl was about 4-5 feet away from me! She definitely kept watching me but didn't seem too scared or threatened by me. Eventually, she finished eating and retreated back to her position under the couch.

A little later in the evening, I returned. None of the kittens ran away as I walked into the room. Piper and Pickle were sleeping on the top level of the cat tower. Pickle enjoyed a belly rubbing. Piper was a little apprehensive at first but seemed to rather enjoy being petted. I stood there for quite awhile petting the two of them. Pippa then came out from under the couch and walked over to the food bowl. When she was finished, she walked over to the treadmill and laid ON it (not under!). I started to move about. Pippa casually jumped off the treadmill and sauntered to her favorite spot under the couch. Again, she didn't seem scared or threatened by me. She's just being very cautious.

I was able to entice Peter to play with me last night. The kittens like dangly toys. After quite awhile playing, I pulled the toy over my legs. He started towards it but then realized what I was trying to do. Several attempts later, I actually managed to get Peter to jump onto my legs for several minutes. He was willingly touching the scary lady!

This morning, as I entered the room, Pippa thought about ducking behind the dresser but then decided not to. She actually stayed out for the first time ever! She also walked around a bit before heading to the spot under the couch. And again, none of the kittens scattered as I approached them. I actually got to pet and pick up Norman! Piper and Pickle let me pet them again. Peter was the only one who avoided weigh-in as he kept wandering around his momma under the couch (and I'm not about to grab him when he's next to his mother).

Pickle is still the heaviest kitten. Pirate, one of the interlopers, is heavier than some of the older kittens by several ounces. Holy cow!

Pierce is starting to know me as the woman who plays with him. I played with him for several minutes before turning my attention to another kitten. He then walked back to the toy, took a step towards me, circled the toy, and then looked up at me and then back at the toy. Aw! He was trying to ask me to play with him again!

I am so happy by the progress everyone is making. One of these days, Pippa and I are going to be friends.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week One

The kittens have been with me for over a week now and I'm seeing signs of improvement. All of the kittens will play when I'm in the room. Most of them will even stay where they are when I enter the room (as opposed to fleeing to hide with their momma under the dresser).  A couple of them do not really trust me and don't allow me to capture them very often. I say capture because I have a feeling that's how they re-tell the story to their mother. Norman and Peter are wary of me, although Peter is coming around. Piper and Pickle are less likely to run when I enter the room but they're not a fan of letting me touch them. Pierce doesn't run and allows me to pick him up. I'm not quite certain he's enjoying me much but at least he doesn't run from me. Phineas and Parrot are my best friends. Phineas loves to follow me around the room. He's so tiny that I really have to watch my step for fear he might be under my foot. Pirate started off as my friend but I think some of the bigger kittens are influencing her and she's a little more apprehensive to be picked up than she was initially.

Phineas weighing 13 ounces (in this photo)
All kittens are litter box trained now. So exciting! I particularly love how teeny kittens insist on using a big cat litter box instead of the little, lower kitten sized box right next to the tall box. All kittens eat solid food. Pippa nurses them several times a day (the cam is a fabulous way to keep tabs on her). They follow her all over and even try to push her down. They love to slap her in the face! They have no respect. Hooligans.

Pippa hasn't learned to trust me yet. She's incredibly cautious around me. She hides as soon as I open the door. After 5-10 minutes, she'll usually come out of hiding and dart under the couch. Technically, that's hiding... visible hiding. She can see me; I can see her. I'm putting it in the win column that she comes out of hiding at all. She keeps her eyes on me a lot. I can feel her watching me. It's a little unnerving. I've tried coaxing her out with toys but those make her growl. I immediately drop the toy when she starts growling. I think I may try putting some chicken in my hand to see if she'll come to me. That worked well to establish trust with my feral. Pippa will actually walk by me in order to get to her spot under the couch. Today, she actually was crouching entirely out in the open just an inch from the couch for the first time. I was quite surprised she was willing to be out in the open since I was walking around doing things about the room.

Pierce showing off his tushy
The kittens are incredibly playful. I swear they're part kangaroo. They love to hop. Phineas, the smallest, does not let anyone push him around. He's actually the instigator in a lot of the wrestling matches. He's a butt biter. Pierce is going to be a gentle giant. He was helping Parrot, the second smallest, with her battle against Piper (I'm pretty sure Piper started it). Norman is insane. He reminds me a lot of Stroopy, Nadya's kitten. He's an avid wrestler and hopper. Piper is a toughy. She likes to battle everyone. Pierce, Norman, and Peter are playmates. Pickle and Pirate are best friends.

Peter professing his innocence (that's Phineas under him)
For the most part, kittens get weighed daily. There are at least two who avoid the weigh-in. I don't try to force it. As long as I can get ahold of those more reluctant kittens at least a couple of times a week AND those kittens are gaining weight, I'm not too concerned about enforcing my daily weigh-in rule. Norman, Peter, and Piper have missed a couple of weigh-ins. The biggest kitten surprised me. It's Pickle. She's heavier than all four males. To me, she looks little in person but when I watch them on camera, I have no problem distinguishing between Pickle and Pirate due to Pickle's girth. Pirate, one of the three interlopers, is over a pound now. Parrot should be there tomorrow. Phineas at 4 1/2 weeks old only weighs 14 ounces. He should weigh a little over a pound. While he's only about 3-4 ounces behind in weight, that's actually a big gap. He's gaining weight every day so I'm not too concerned. Perhaps in a couple of weeks he'll move beyond his target. I remember from Nadya's litter that I had a tough time getting Double Stuff to put on weight. He's now 12 pounds. Twelve. He's not even a year old yet (soon, very soon).

Pirate professing her innocence (with Phineas beneath her).
Pierce spent a couple of days puking up his momma's milk. It took me a couple of pukes to find the culprit. He happened to announce his distress with an incredibly pitiful cry right before he puked. So thankful to him for letting me know. Big litters pose a challenge when you need to find out what one kitten is doing something bad. I gave him some sub-Q fluids to re-hydrate him. When he continued to be a little pukey, I took him to the vet to make sure there was nothing really wrong with him. The vet couldn't find anything and recommended that I continue with the sub-Q fluids until he feels better. Lovely. I hate taking kittens to the vet only to have them tell me what I already know and am doing. Peter also got a trip to the vet since he lost several ounces over the course of a few days. Every weigh-in showed a lower weight than the day before. Ugh. Again, the vet told me to give him sub-Q fluids to keep him hydrated. And wouldn't ya know it? The next day he gained half an ounce. I think he was scared into eating. Scared that if he didn't eat, he'd get poked with an ouchy needle again.

Funny story about Peter's vet trip: Since Peter is one of the kittens who isn't fond of me capturing him, I had to tiptoe into the room and sneak up on him while he was playing in the tube. I blocked his exits from the tube and caught him right away. So surprised and relieved. I had allotted 15 minutes (more time than I would normally give myself) to wrangle up kittens. I put him in the carrier but didn't latch the door all the way (I didn't want to have to fumble at the lock when trying to put the second kitten - Pierce - inside). I figured there was no way a one pound kitten, weakened from having lost weight over a few days, would have the strength to push open the carrier door. I couldn't have been more wrong. Not only did he get out, but he got out seriously a second after I put him there, darting out like he was shot out of a cannon. The carrier door flew open and swung open and closed for several seconds after he darted out from the force he applied in his escape. Sigh. I then knew I had to give him time before I could capture him again. I set my sights on rounding up Pierce. I got him within a few seconds as he's one of the kittens who likes me. I finally lured Peter out from behind the dresser with a dangly toy. When I tried to snatch him, he darted away under the couch. While my back was turned, he darted under the treadmill. I was then able to trap him under the treadmill. He was not happy about it and spat and hissed at me any time I even glanced his way in the carrier on the drive to the vet's office. Once at the vet, the vet examined a different foster for a good 45 minutes before we moved on to Pierce. Fifteen minutes later (well into an hour of our vet visit), we finally got to Peter. The vet looked him all over, I explained what was wrong. She suddenly got a funny look on her face. She checked his chart. She then picked him up and looked at his butt. She then asked, "Did you know Peter was a girl?" Say what? No, Peter is a boy, definitely a boy. I looked at the kitten's face. Gosh darnit. It was Piper. No wonder this kitten was incredibly hissy and snappy! Poor Piper endured a needless car ride for simply looking too much like her brother. (Of course, then the vet said condescendingly that I should put colored collars on the kittens so that I can tell them apart. Um, yeah. I CAN tell them apart. I can tell them apart from across the room. I just didn't even think that I could perhaps be grabbing the wrong kitten. I had the right kitten the first time.)

Anyway, the kittens are slowly making progress both with gaining weight and with trusting/liking me. Pippa is coming around. At least I can see her now. I'll take that.