Tuesday, October 27, 2015

One In, One Out

Mugwumps was adopted last week! She truly picked her people. Several people have been interested in her. She is quite gorgeous. But each time people met her, she hung around for a minute or two and then would walk across the room, refusing to return. For these people, she hopped right up on their shoulders. She gave them kisses and patted their faces. They thought they chose her but she actually chose them.

Interestingly enough, Mugwumps was a silent kitty in the foster room. She rarely spoke and when she did, she simply opened her mouth and nothing came out. Once adopted, she has become a big ol' chatter bug.

A few days after Mugsie was adopted, another kitten came in. This in Panjandrum, Snollygoster's sister. The person who captured Snollygoster, finally caught his sister. She looks like a cross between a lynx and a rabbit. She is quite vocal and definitely wants out of her kennel. She's a little more wild than her brother. She vibrates when she eats, just like her brother.

Snollygoster is still confined to a kennel (so is Panjandrum). They're in separate kennels that face each other so they can see each other. They both get to come out when they eat. I place the bowl right on my lap and pet them while they eat (I take them out separately). They're both still super scared and confining them to a kennel ensures that they won't burrow into a hiding spot where I'll never see them again. They only get to eat when I'm in the room as it helps to reinforce that people are good, they bring food. They both are no longer flat against the back of the kennel; they sit towards the front and observe the chaos of the foster room. Snollygoster even snagged some toys into his kennel and will play quietly. As soon as I open the kennel door, they both retreat to the back of the kennel. The day they stop fearing me, moving away from me, they will get free room privileges. I was hoping Snolly would have graduated by now but a week was a little too ambitious. He's gaining weight and seems to be content. Panjie would like to get out; she's a little more high strung than he brother. She may take even longer than her brother to come around fully, though.

So that's the story. One got adopted and made room for another to join the foster room (albeit in a kennel).

Monday, October 19, 2015

And another one....

And another one has entered the room. It might be awhile before you see Snollygoster wandering about. He was found up north wandering around by himself. The person who captured him said it took four people to get him. I'm assuming it took so many because he was completely scared out of his mind. He's a bit scared now. He lets me hold him and will even start purring but once released, he's completely wild. He is currently kenneled in the room until he learns to trust me.

Snollygoster definition: an unprincipled but shrewd person.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Expanding Your Vocabulary

Gazump, mid lick
Two more kittens have entered the room and I've continued with the unusual words naming theme. Introducing Jackanapes (definition: an impertinent, presumptuous person, especially a young man) and Gazump (definition: a swindler or cheat, particularly when selling a house and then raising the price or accepting another offer from a different buyer).

Jackanapes and Gazump were found in Frogtown (a section of St. Paul, MN). They were being harassed by several boys who were tossing them around like balls. Understandably, Jack and Gaz are a little leery of being handled right now. They purr when petted but do not like to be picked up. They are not fans of the other kittens in the room and growl up a scary storm when approached. The other kittens are quite stumped by this. It's actually quite funny to see a kitten who is three times their size freeze and then back away from Jack or Gaz. Oh, the power of a might roar.

Gaz is quite fond of sitting behind me, just out of reach. He likes to continually poke me in the back. He really wants attention and interaction. He's just a little out of sorts from his ordeal. His brother Jack likes to sit on the couch behind me, just at my shoulder but not touching me. Jack purrs a little more readily than his brother.

Both boys are quite sweet. Neither hide. They stand their ground with the other kittens. They are not skittish. They're just a little apprehensive. They'll get over it soon enough.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Dessert Menu

Some of you eagle eye cam watchers may have noticed some teenies running around the past week and a half. They were transferred from another Feline Rescue caregiver, who had too many fosters (her remaining all have medical issues).

Tiramisu and Anisette
Originally there were three new ones - Anisette, Tiramisu, and Cannoli. Unfortunately, Cannoli suddenly passed away. He was coughing and losing weight. He saw the vet a day later who diagnosed him with giardia (he had severe diarrhea). A day later, as I watched the camera, I noticed that Cannoli was exhibiting signs of distress - pacing, twitching, and gasping for breath. I immediately left work and took him to the vet. He was placed on oxygen and an X-Ray showed that his abdomen was filled with fluid. The vet recommended euthanasia. The three things that had the symptoms he was showing were all terminal. A necropsy was conducted; the results will come back in a couple of weeks.

The other two kittens Anisette and Tiramisu are sweet little tortie girls that are incredibly bonded. They are about 8-9 weeks old although they look to be about 6 weeks old. They're stunted (so was Cannoli). They came from Animal Control when they were about 4 weeks old without a mother. They are good little eaters and happy little girls. One of these days they'll get big. They absolutely love to sit on my lap.

Rest in peace, little Cannoli.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The New Kids - the Wordy Kittens

Mr. Darcy was adopted on Saturday and went to his new home. He was the last of the official Kissy Kittens.

On Sunday, five new kittens entered the room. They are fairly friendly and are all ages. Since it makes it much easier to track kittens in our database that have unique names, I came up with never before used names. I call this group the Wordy Kittens. Their names are unusual words.

First off the bat is Kerfuffle. He's the oldest kitten at about 4 months old. He's a tuxy with 'tude. He has done nothing but growl and hiss. Constantly. He growls and hisses at other kittens. He growls and hisses when he's eating. He growls and hisses when he's playing with toys BY HIMSELF. Kerfuffle means "commotion" or "fuss." Yup. That's Kerfuffle.

Mugwumps is probably Kerfuffle's sister. She's a tortie that seems to be the same age as they're about the same weight (plus, Keruffle doesn't seem to hiss at her as much as the other kittens). Mugwumps is an independent person who is neutral (relating to politics).

Widdershins is the next oldest at about three and a half months. She's a Siamese mix who is very un-Siamese. She is friendly! She's bursting with energy. Widdershins means counterclockwise and yes, she is always moving in the opposite direction.

Taradiddle is one of the smaller kittens. She's an 8 week old tabby. Very sweet. Likes to lick. Taradiddle means "pretentious nonsense."

And finally, my favorite (yes, I do have favorites) - Firkin. I'm in love with Firkin. He's a 7 week old black and white (not quite a tux). He's all fluff. He's a tiny guy that loves to sit on my lap. I can't help but put him there. He's not going to be good at walking because I keep scooping him up. Firkin is a quarter barrel (relating to beer).

So there you have it. Five new kittens. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

All Those Kittens in the Room

Mr. Darcy
Rhett Butler
So for this group, I had planned on posting weekly articles about them... but that did not happen at all. And not only have I not bragged about how wonderful these guys are, I haven't formally introduced the new ones or announced adoptions. Part of the reason is because I have been a little busier than previously. I was "promoted" the Feline Rescue Foster Program Director! I run the Foster program now.

These amazingly kissy kittens have been such a joy to foster. From the moment they popped out of their carriers after the ride home, they have been so incredibly friendly.

Dorian Gray
Don Juan
Dorian Gray, at one time one of the smallest kittens, is what I refer to as Patient Zero. He developed a cold within 24 hours of arriving and by day 2, was absolutely miserable. I chose not to separate him from the rest as I didn't want to have him alone... plus, all the other kittens had probably already been exposed to his germs. One by one, every kitten got that cold. We're going on four weeks now. Some had it fairly mildly. Some had it pretty bad. They've been without antibiotics for more than 24 hours. There's some sneezing and a bit of runny noses but I'm hoping that will work itself out soon.

Barney Stinson
Lord Byron
Now for the adoptions. The very first to get adopted were Warren Beatty and Don Draper, two panther brothers. They've already left and have been at their adopted home for almost 2 weeks now. They're doing so well! The next two were Don Juan and Barney Stinson. Don Juan (DJ) goes up to everybody and kisses them and then curls up on their lap. He's quite the lovebug and would probably be adopted a half dozen times over. The next two to get adopted were Rhett Butler and Dorian Gray. They're going to a home with a 7 year old and an 11 year old girl and boy. Rhett was quite fine being lugged around by the little girl while she was visiting.

After a lull in adoptions, Casanova and Lord Byron finally got adopted. They're going to a home with quite the energetic three year old boy. After his visit, both kittens slept for a long time. Since both kittens are normally very active, this was a refreshing surprise. Mr. Darcy is the last and has an interview on Sunday evening.

William Blake
The new ones. Several weeks ago, within a day of each other, I brought home a litter of three and a single. The single is William Blake. He is the botfly boy. I pulled him from the room a few days after arriving since he lost a lot of weight. He stopped eating and was vomiting up a storm. I had to give him sub-q fluids and force feed him formula. Since both of these tasks have to be done quite frequently, I brought him to work so that I didn't have to travel home to feed him. Another caregiver lives close to where I work and offered to take him after she found out he was with me at work. She is the one that noticed the oozing hole and sore on his chest. I had noticed a sore a few days ago. The oozing hole was new. Turns out, he had a botfly. Over the next few days, he would develop sores and then within 24 hours, a hole in the sore would emerge. This was the botfly making a hole to breath. He had seven removed from him total (although he actually had 9 in him - 2 were dead and the extraction of those 2 would be surgery. No sense in making him go through that). He had a record number of botflies in him. One of them did have to be surgically removed but he came out of it like nothing happened. After the first botfly was removed, William felt so much better and began eating on his own. Within a month, William went from 1 pound 1 ounce to 4 pounds. He's quite the chunk.

Elizabeth Taylor
Katherine Hepburn
Percy B. Shelley
The litter of three kittens are incredibly shy. Two sisters - the black one is Elizabeth Taylor and the tuxy is Katherine Hepburn. The brown tabby is Percy B. Shelley. Percy developed Dorian's cold and had it even worse than Dorian. Percy suddenly realized that the medicine I was forcing upon him made him feel better so this undersocialized kitten actually started seeking me out so that I could give him medicine to make him feel even better. It was quite interesting to watch him overcome his shyness. Elizabeth was the smallest kitten in the room and lacked confidence. She was easily bullied from the food and as a result, was not gaining weight. I removed her from the room for a few days (and let her bunk with William Blake upstairs) to give her a chance at food. It was this one on one time that helped her start to like me. Katherine is absolutely not fond of me. IF I can grab her, I can get her to purr. But that's IF. It doesn't happen very often.

Ron Howard
About a week after William Blake started feeling better, I got a new little kitten. He had coccidia and couldn't mix with the downstairs kittens (coccidia causes diarrhea and if the other kittens stepped in it, they'd get coccidia, too). The new guy is a little orange and white tabby with orange dots on his face like freckles. I named him Ron Howard. Unfortunately, his diarrhea was quite bad and he very quickly became dehydrated. He stopped eating and dropped a lot of weight. Again, I had to do sub-q fluids and 3am feedings. After four days, the medicine finally kicked in and Ron Howard started eating on his own. A week later, Ron Howard had gained a whole pound (kittens typically gain 4 ounces a week). Once the diarrhea subsided, he was introduced to William Blake and the two became best friends instantly. They're now inseparable. They've made friends with my own cats and are quite responsible little kittens so they get to stay upstairs and have pretty much free roaming time.

Ingrid Bergman
Another new little orphan made her way into the foster room. She looks almost identical to Dorian Gray. I had to clip a piece of her fur so that I could tell them apart. She came from a tree farm in Plato, MN. She was NOT fond of super friendly, in-your-face kissy kittens and growled up a storm any time a kitten approached her. I had to kennel her for a few days until she calmed down. She now really likes some of the other kittens. Casanova has a crush on her. I named this brown tabby Ingrid Bergman. She is a cuddler and a purrer and has invented several games that the other kittens now play.
Herman Munster

And the newest addition to the room - Herman Munster. He looks a lot like Ron Howard. He's an orange and white tabby. He was found under someone's porch... who then left him there overnight. He was brought to our shelter as the shelter intake person was under the assumption that this kitten was a good 4-5 months old (she got that impression because his rescuer told her that he was 10 inches long). He's about 7 weeks old and 1 pound 5 ounces. He ain't even close to 10 inches, tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. He's a wee little thing. I was going to name him Jimmy Stewart but changed my mind after I saw him in action. This little guy is a spitfire! He backed Mr. Darcy into a corner, jumped onto Casanova's back (the biggest kitten in the room) and rode him around the room, made every kitten freeze and stop eating their dinner, and has greeted every single kitten with a flying crab walk and hiss. Oooooh! He's a tough little monster. But he's also loveable. He fell asleep in the crook of my arm last night... after he stopped gnawing on my arm.
William Blake and Ron Howard

The seven Kissy Kittens will be neutered on Tuesday. Dorian, Rhett, DJ, Barney, Cas, and Byron all leave by the end of next week. Fingers crossed that Mr. Darcy will also be going to his adoptive home!

So by next week the room will not as chaotic... until I find more kittens who need rescue.

Monday, July 20, 2015


Pretty much everyone has been adopted.

Master Tigress
Master Tigress and Shira were the first to get adopted. They were adopted by a lovely family with two teenage girls. Each girl got a kitten. The kittens' personalities matched the girls' personalities... until the kittens switched. Tigress was always the wild one while Shira was always the cuddly one. And then shortly after spay surgery, Tigress became the cuddly one and Shira became a rascal. Her favorite game was to leap on the back of my leg and hang on while I walked around the room. And chomp on my feet. Their new names are Lena (for Shira) and Cleo (for Tigress).

Billy the Kid
Next to be adopted was Billy the Kid (no surprise there) with Richard Parker. They were adopted by a couple who had been married just a few days. Their laps will never be cold and they will always feel loved. Both kittens are incredibly loving and crave attention. When Billy is feeling well, he can be quite the rascal. Richard Parker has two speeds - rascal and extreme cuddler. Billy's new name is Koopa and Richard Parker will be known as Yoshi. They're names from Super Mario.

Richard Parker
Billy went in to get neutered on July 13th along with 8 other kittens but was rejected because his lymph nodes were very swollen. He has been seen by three different vets now. We're hoping that this swelling is just lingering from Billy's horrible cold. He will continue his anti-viral and antibiotics for two more weeks. If you're watching in the evenings, you'll see me try to give him medicine. He cowers when I approach with syringes. It breaks my heart. He absolutely is fed up with all the medicine. And to top it off, he had ear mites when he came to me. They've since been eradicated but the debris lingers. You'll see me nightly cleaning his ears. He hates that more than medicine and will tear around the room after I clean his ears. The poor guy is going to be so happy to go to his forever home where no one will mess with him and they'll just love him.

Ragna was the next to get adopted. She's going home to a couple with a one year old little boy and two other cats. The little boy was absolutely amazing with the kittens, petting them so softly and nicely.

Duma landed the next adoption, paired with another Feline Rescue kitten named CiCi. For those of you diligently watching the camera, the extra kitten in the room for a few days was CiCi. Duma was not amused with the addition. She growled. The other kittens were fine with the newbie. CiCi was already spayed and recovered so she went home a week before Duma did.

Lucy is going home to a young college student with a young male cat. Lucy has been charming everyone who came to meet other kittens. She loves to ask for kisses and purrs away as soon as people enter the room.

Next on the list of adoptions was Belle Starr. The couple was debating between Belle and Winifred but Winifred was very standoffish while Belle was in their faces. They liked that Belle was a bit of a spitfire. Belle will be going home with the couple who has an adult male cat in desperate need of a playmate.

Belle Starr
Batman and Harper Row got adopted by a young teacher living alone. She will never be lonely as both Batman and Harper are purr machines. Batman is an attention hound, constantly demanding to be petted, held, and kissed. Their human fell in love with Harper after Harper fell asleep on her lap, purring away.

Winifred was the last of the posted kittens to be adopted. At first, I was sad because she was a black kitten - and black cats are the last to get adopted. But for Winifred, her color wasn't the biggest factor. Winifred is quite the independent kitten. While all the other kittens are climbing all over new people, Winifred is always off on the other side of the room, playing by herself. She's not very cuddly, although she does ask occasionally to be petted. Right after her spay surgery, she was demanding kisses. I was quite stunned. Winifred is going to a home with another young male cat who needs a playmate.

Annie and Clyde were posted last night (Sunday the 19th). I'm hoping to get them adopted by the end of the week. They both are incredibly loving and friendly and zany (Annie has the biggest personality I've seen), not to mention astoundingly cute. They should go quickly. Fingers crossed.

Annie Oakley
Most of the kittens were adopted prior to being spayed/neutered. We call this pre-adoption. Our kittens can't go home until they've had their surgery and been tested for FeLV/FIV. On Saturday, five kittens that were pre-adopted went to their forever homes - Shira, Tigress, Duma, Batman, and Harper Row. The foster room seemed so empty with only eight. The next day, Ragna went home and Winifred got adopted and went home the same day. Two more kittens gone. Six left in the room. I put out way too much food. It was a hard adjustment to go from 13 to 6 in 24 hours. Woo.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), the remaining kittens go to be spayed/neutered - Clyde, Annie, Lucy, and Belle. They all had to wait for Annie to reach 3 pounds. By Saturday, Lucy and Belle, and hopefully Annie and Clyde, will all go home. Richard Parker and Billy the Kid will be with me for a few more weeks, until Billy is well enough to go through his surgery. So there will only be two kittens in the room for awhile.

Clyde Barrow
On August 2nd, I am most likely getting 9 new kittens. They'll be about 10 weeks old at that time so they won't be with me for very long (at most a month, depending on health). They're coming from Iowa. No one is adopting kittens in Iowa, it seems, so a rescue is sending them up to us.