Thursday, August 23, 2012

Louie's List of Things to Do Today

10. Write my memoirs. 
  9. Look up the definition of "memoirs." 
  8. Wrestle with Millie. Win match. 
  7. Practice running from one end of the house to the other. Record times. Try to beat record. 
  6. Find something new to play with. 
  5. Note to self: Haven't looked under fridge recently. Must remember to do that today. 
  4. Get top of head kissed many, many times. Go back and get more kisses. 
  3. Ask Millie how her day is going. Look concerned. 
  2. Play with every single toy. When done with that, play with them all again. 
  1. Get adopted with Millie. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Millie's Top 10 Thoughts for Today

10. Louie's looking at me. I'm going to pounce on him. 
  9. I wonder what's for breakfast?
  8. I like birds. Time to look out my favorite window! 
  7. Louie's looking at me... again. I'm going to bop him. 
  6. When are we going to get adopted? 
  5. Where's my favorite lap? I need my ears scratched. 
  4. Time to wrestle with Louie! 
  3. I've been working on my cute face. I'm going to get us adopted today! 
  2. Where is my sparkly ball? I'll bet Louie took it. I'm going to pounce on him. 
  1. Sigh. I need my forever home!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Louie's Top Ten Favorite Toys

10. A puffy sparkly ball
  9. A crinkly ball
  8. A stuffed mouse
  7. A Yeowie catnip stuffed pillow
  6. The laser pointer
  5. His sister Millie's tail
  4. His own tail
  3. A plastic bottle cap
  2. Dust
  1. Anything that he can find under the couch or bed or in a closet or under the fridge that you've forgotten about, didn't know existed, or can't for the life of you figure out where it came from

Millie and Louie Are Looking for a Home

Millie and Louie are 16 and a half weeks old. Their brother Moe and sister Ginny had already been adopted. These two cuties are the only ones left of their litter. They're looking for their forever home. 

Millie and Louie were born on April 27th on a farm in Goodridge, MN. The farmer didn't want them so Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took them in before contacting Feline Rescue of St. Paul, MN.  From there they went to a foster home - their first time in actual house - and learned how to climb stairs, how to stay away from the scary vacuum cleaner, and how to cuddle up to the foster home's adult cats. The kittens were 7 weeks old. 

Louie is the runt of the litter. What he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in personality. He was the bravest kitten of his litter. He was the first out of the carrier upon arrival at his foster home. He was the first to sit on his foster mother's lap (and actually let her touch him). He was the first one to explore his kitten room. He was the first one to escape his kitten room, too.

Millie was a little shyer. It took her well over a day to allow her foster mother to even touch her. She simply wasn't used to human interaction. Once she realized that human hands scratch ears and pet bellies, she became quite a fan. Millie loves to sit on laps and be petted. She has the deepest purr! She also has the kindest eyes. Millie is no girly-girl, though. She is a rough and tumble kitten! She is the best wrestler of her litter. Even though one of her brothers out weighs her, she can pin him almost effortlessly. 

Millie started out as a puff ball. Her black hair puffs out all around her. Her fluffiness makes her look like she's the biggest kitten but the scale says otherwise. Her fur is incredibly soft! 

Louie is incredibly zany. Not only does he embrace life, he rushes right up to it and headbutts it with all his might. He commands attention and when he doesn't get it, he grabs it himself. He loves to play. Everything is a toy to him. Everything. 

For as much gusto as Louie brings to playtime, he also brings that to his heart. Little Louie is somewhat of a bleeding heart. Louie, although the runt of his litter, likes to protect - and comfort - his sister Millie. When she is upset, Louie puts his head next to hers with concern in his eyes. It is because of his devotion to his sister that Louie and Millie should be adopted together.