Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nala's Day

Dear Journal:

Today I got up, greeted the sun, and ate my breakfast. After my plate was licked clean, the morning game could begin. I jumped in and out and in and out of a paper bag. I'm quite good at finding ways to entertain myself.

I then set upon my daily routine. I like my routine! I explored the bathroom while my human foster mother got ready for the day. I like to investigate the bathroom! As soon as she opened the door, I bounded into her bedroom and jumped onto the bed.  Time for my daily round of blanket monster! I slayed it, as usual. I always get that monster!

I then played tag with some of the cats at my foster house. I was quite tired when the game ended. I went to my momma (you may know her as Ellie) and sunk my head into her chest. She licked my ears. And for good measure, she bit one of them! Mothers.

After my morning nap, I sat in my window perch and chattered away at some of the birds outside. When one of them eyeballed me, I gave them a talking to and showed them my belly. That'll show 'em who's boss!

I played another game of tag with the cats in the house. I took another nap.

In the evening when the human caregiver came home, she and I played "catch the birdie" with a dangling feather on a stick. I'm quite good at that game. It doesn't matter how high she swings that feather. I can leap up and get it. I think I'm quite graceful with my twists and turns. I can even pirouette!

I got my belly rubbed after I ate my dinner. I love having my belly rubbed!

Now it's off to bed. I had a good day. Basically, I'm sitting here waiting for the day when I get adopted. Will it be tomorrow? Will it be the day after? Some day. A cat can only hope. My human foster mother tells me, "There's a person out there for every cat. Yours will find you." I'm waiting. I'm waiting patiently. Where is my someone?

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