Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Black Kitten Woes

"Black Dog Syndrome" applies even to cats. Black cats (and dogs) are often the last to be adopted and the first to be put to sleep.  Even in the 21st century, people are still superstitious about black cats. Black cats are associated with witchcraft. People don't want to cross paths with a black cat. Hollywood always makes them out to be evil (well, all cats it seems). And, in the month of October, shelters stop the adoption of black cats for the entire month. This is out of fear that people will torture/sacrifice the black cat or will use it as a prop for a Halloween party (and then promptly "return" it once Halloween is over). People also want a unique looking cat and one that is all black is something everyone has seen before.

Millie and Louie have a double whammy against them. Not only are both all black cats, but these all black cats want to be adopted together.

There are so many reasons to adopt this pair! As the fashion sites point out, black is always in fashion. It's also slimming. So, adopt a black cat and always look skinny (when the cat is sitting on your lap) and be fashionable. If those aren't reasons enough, how about the fact that they're time savers? You'll never have to give a black cat a bath because they never look dirty (the same can't be said for white cats!). And you'll never have to lint roll your black pants or little black dress. The hair blends in.

Studies have shown that black cats tend to be the friendliest of all colors, the most laid back, and the most social. Millie and Louie completely agree.

Millie and Louie are brother and sister. While they may have matching fur color, they have complementary personalities. Louie is pure gusto. Millie is a bit shyer. Louie commands attention. Millie has a subtle presence. Both are incredibly affectionate, warm, cuddly, friendly, and just plain great kittens.

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