Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Millie's Top 10 Thoughts for Today

10. Louie's looking at me. I'm going to pounce on him. 
  9. I wonder what's for breakfast?
  8. I like birds. Time to look out my favorite window! 
  7. Louie's looking at me... again. I'm going to bop him. 
  6. When are we going to get adopted? 
  5. Where's my favorite lap? I need my ears scratched. 
  4. Time to wrestle with Louie! 
  3. I've been working on my cute face. I'm going to get us adopted today! 
  2. Where is my sparkly ball? I'll bet Louie took it. I'm going to pounce on him. 
  1. Sigh. I need my forever home!

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